Opera Australia’s Rigoletto

Showing at Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House from 26th June 2014 – 24th August 2014.

The fires are burning merrily in the Duke’s palace as beautiful people at magnificent candlelit dinners party on into the night. Meanwhile, in the streets of Mantua, shadows tread softly. Words pass between hooded figures, their meaning drowned out by the sounds of drunken revelry. Are they whispering sweet nothings, or bitter secrets? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference in the gloom.

Verdi’s dark tale glitters with passion and suspense in this glamorous new production. Tell your jokes, lock up your daughter and trust nobody.

The moment he wrote it, Verdi knew he had a hit on his hands. So much so that for the first performance of Rigoletto he rehearsed the Duke’s famous aria, ‘La donna è mobile’, in secret to avoid giving away what was to prove one of the catchiest tunes in opera. ‘La donna è mobile’ is just one of many fabulous arias in Rigoletto and to serve it well requires exceptional singers. Verdi is about voice, voice and more voice and Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini is determined to let Australian audiences hear the finest on the world stage.

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Rigoletto Sydney Opera House